fredag 28 mars 2014

..............MH370 Boeing 777-200ER, blackout, accident....................

The power is gone so the captain don't see anything.
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MH370, Boeing 777-200ER, blackout, accident.

The captain is not on his way to middle of nowhere, he is on his way to Perth. The blackout in the cockpit kills the navigation, communication and transponder and it's dark! He goes up in hight first so he don't hit another plane(nobody can see him), he spend some time checking what's wrong, he can't find it, what to do in the dark with maybe only a analogue compass, very difficult.

The captain decides to go back to find the landing track, he drop the plane to 3600 meter but he don't see any light's on the ground, cloudy and dark. So the captain decides to go towards Perth where the sun is going up earlier and he knows Perth, Malaysia Airlines flies there every day and the captain had over 18.000 hours in the air so he been there before.

When the fuel is gone the captain try to sliding land on the water, that's why there are so big debris, crash landing no big debris, higher speed!
The captain missed Australia with approximately 5 degrees.


A blackout is when electricity is lost to the navigator, communications and transponder, you do not know where you are anymore, and no one on the ground knows where you are, motor and control system works, it does not necessarily mean that there must be a fire hazard. The reason may be cables, switches, fuses, power supply-generators, battery backup, which of them is hard to say since I'm not familiar with the electrical system in the plane.

1. I do not think they lost all power systems (batteries and generators), but they lost power to the cockpit.
2. That all blown fuses at the same time, I don't think so.
3. Cables: perhaps, may have lost the + or - voltage to the cockpit 28 volts DC.
4. Switch: if one generator fails, electricity needs to come from somewhere else, I doubt that everything is running at the same time (generators and battery backup) then there must be some kind of switch between the power supply and battery backup so they can not affect each other .
What caused the malfunction can be; maintenance, service, manufacturing defects, design defects-that's occur with shifting cargo.
It's not the captain's fault, he tried to resolve the situation in the best way, I had thought and done just as he was after I thought a lot longer, than the time the captain made hes decision on.

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