fredag 4 april 2014

Cargo shifting on MH370 Boeing 777.

MH370 Boeing 777-200ER, blackout, accident.

Cargo shifting could cause a blackout accident on a Boeing 777, if the cargo is loose and not connected to the aircraft the cargo will break the wall to the power equipment center and kill the power.

MH370 max 10 pallets.
MH370 had 4 tons, pallets, of fruits on board, if it hits the wall to the power center it could break the wall and kill the power. It doesn't necessarily need to start a fire, it's just kill the power to the cockpit and it may also kill the connection to the battery backup power, the captain is hopeless.

It doesn't matter where you put the cargo if it's loose, it can start to shake lose under the take off, the cargo gonna end up in the rear of the front cargo space. Once the plane hits the right altitude, maybe the plane drops a little bit or slow down a couple of km/h the pallets gonna start to move toward the wall to the power equipment center and it will accelerate. If its 4 pallets it could be 4 smaller hits or if they come together 1 big hit.
 If the cargo starts to shift on an airplane, it becomes chaotic, anything can happen.

"Supporting an exclusive report in the Daily Mail last month which raised the question of whether an explosive device could have been planted in the cargo of four tons of mangosteens, Inspector-General Tan Sir Khalid Abu Bakar said the cargo was under investigation".

Boeing 777 front cargo
1 freight ton = 2000 lb = 900 kg, 900/2000=0,45
1 lb = 0,45 kg.
16/2x0,45=3600 kg
Front cargo space max = 3600 kg
MH370 front cargo space had 4000 kg of fruits on pallets.
MH370 was overloaded in the front cargo space.

If the load is not secured properly in the aircraft, it becomes very dangerous.
It will slide down at the end, up in the rear in the front cargo space when the jet plane takes off. 
If the cargo is loose at the rear of the front cargo space when the jet plane hits marsh-speed and right altitude it doesn't need much to make it start to roll forward and hit the wall to the power equipment center, an air pocket is enough.

The power equipment center is on the other side of the front cargo space.

MH370 cargo loose
The power equipment center Boeing 777

MH370 The power equipment center
The ATC system is placed on top at the aircraft and got it's own battery backup, so it continue to send signals to the satellites even thou it is a blackout in the cockpit.   

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